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You haven’t been the same since your last relationship ended. You doubt yourself all the time, hearing him criticize you inside your head. It feels like your whole perception of yourself and the world has been warped. You realize that you stayed too long. You tried everything you could to fix it, hoping it would get better. But nothing worked, and you wonder if it was something about you, some failure or flaw on your part, that caused the relationship to fail. You’re not ready to date again but you want a partner in the future. You find yourself wondering, is it possible to find someone who will love you just as you are?

You want to feel free and strong again, to be confident that no one will ever take you down that road again. You’re ready to learn how to love yourself so that you feel good about who you are. And when the time is right, you will know that you can have a healthy partner to enjoy life with.

My name is Anne-Marie Suddreth (pronounced “SUH-dreth,” but please call me Anne-Marie). I have been helping women heal from painful pasts to become their best selves for more than 14 years, and now I want to help YOU get there.

I want you to be able to live your best, truest, most unapologetic life.  And I want you to feel safe and comfortable in your own skin.

Getting started is easier than you may think. Contact me to schedule your free 30-minute consultation. I look forward to helping you get your life back.


*Please note: Until further notice, due to COVID-19 all appointments will be conducted virtually via free HIPAA-compliant platform. See “What is Tele-Therapy” for information about how it works and other FAQs.